i wish i can get into homestuck, like read the entire webcomic but i read it a while ago and i had no idea what was happening because there was john and he was armless and then clowns and it makes me so confused and i want to cry because the people in the homestuck fandom seem so nice and totally rad but no i think i’ll just sit here and think about my life decisions

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    I thought the beginning was great with the queue and stack jokes. And the random Abscond battles. And after I heard the...
  3. deadskeletonarmy said: UGH ME ALL THE TIME EVER I FEEL YOU GURL
  4. ohmygeass said: where are the sparknotes when you need them
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    oh god please stick with it i love this fandom and homestuck itself so glubbin much dude, i know how you feel though it...
  7. koteosa said: I couldn’t get into it either even though from what I’ve read the story seems really cool? And people never leave me alone over how I don’t like it sobs
  8. iuweqnc4ew said: (pt 2) snowballs until you get sucked in, really it’s great, the art is phenomenal and hussie does different styles at different points, the storyline is phenomenal, it’s so well written and the characters so developed, just climb that mountain (cont
  9. kathysbrotherssister said: i think it takes a lot of time and dedication :T it helps a lot to read the wiki and things like that to be able to understand what is going on at all
  10. fauxboy said: the wiki helped me get into it, I would have been lost in act 1 without it. >_>
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